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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tattoos-Beauty Or??????

I had a friend approach me and ask me, Nathan, I know you have tattoos. What do you think of them. To this I replied that if they are correctly done they are great. Now with that said I continued to pass along to him that this is permanent and this should be carefully thought out and a design chosen that will reflect his personality and that he can live with forever.
You will see some words that are highlighted in here. These 3 sites are sites that I recommend that will have multiple patterns for y'all to choose from and these are well worth the investment.
I used patterns similar to these when I had my last one done and I was extremely pleased with the results.
Now let's get back to the discussion of beauty or???? My view is that tattoos can compliment the human body. There are arguments for both sides and they generally take a religious view when there is an argument against them.
I will not comment on that as I don't believe it is a "sin" to get them tastefully done on YOUR body.
Personally, I think if they become too gaudy or look "rough" then it really does detract and people that look like that tend to catch a label. However, labels are not as mainstream as they used to be. (biker,convict,etc.)
My last piece of advice for you is this.............get tattoos where they can be covered up. If you get them where they are ALWAYS visible then you run the risk of affecting your current job or future employment should you try to get another job. Both of mine are where they can be easily covered and are only visible when I where short sleeves and tank tops.
If I can be of any help to you please just let me know and I will gladly give you my opinion. I hope you will continue to tune in and read what I write here. I am always open to hear comments and suggestions.